Wooden windows

We make window frames and casements in any shape you like (round, arched, trapezoidal, triangular, etc.); we make windows for historic buildings as well.

The use of new technology for cutting and painting provides an aesthetic look, high quality and durability.


Basic information about construction of the windows

Okna drewniane
circumferential (peripheral) of Maco company allows you to open the window or to tilt it. The fittings allow to regulate window position and they provide the watertightness at the same time.
Types of wood:
pine wood (density > 450 kg/m3) susceptible to treatment, impregnation and painting but resilient, tough, durable and resistant to moisture.
meranti (similar to mahogany) - wood imported mainly from Indonesia and Malaysia. Looks like mahogany.
three-layer laminated - consists of three parallel strips glued together, so that window profile remains unchanged despite the changeable weather conditions and moisture (it cannot be distorted).