Wooden doors

Our product range includes internal and external doors dedicated for family houses, for multifamily houses, and for historic buildings. We produce both standard door and custommade doors.


External Doors

External doors are made of four species of solid wood and are based on a three-layer bonded construction. As a fulfilment we use plywood covered with natural wooden veneers. It makes the doors durable and resistant to weather conditions.

Basic information about the construction of the exterior doors

Drzwi drewniane
Types of wood:
pine wood (density > 450 kg/m3) susceptible to treatment, impregnation and painting but resilient, tough, durable and resistant to moisture.
ash wood is hard, heavy, very durable and flexible.
oak wood is hard, durable, difficult to handle. It has high sound insulation and beautiful natural treerings.
meranti (similar to mahogany) - wood imported mainly from Indonesia and Malaysia. Looks like mahogany.